.TEL is the Sponsored Generic TLD (sTLD) that newly introduced which allows individuals and businesses alike to store and manage all their contact information and keywords directly in the DNS without the need to build, host or manage a website.

It can be register by any individual from any country. 

Minimum of 3 / maximum of 63 characters allowed. 

The term of registration is 1-10 years.

40 days renewal grace period --> 30 days redemption grace period --> 5 days pending delete.

Special rules
  • Domain name cannot contain of purely digits.
  • Do not allows creating of a website, in another words; it disallows A-records that map .tel domain names to a custom website.
  • Involves unique technology which store contact information, keywords and unique nameserver is required. Therefore, all .tel domain name submit via Hostpro2u will be using a set of default nameserver.
  • Whois disclosure option is only applicable for individual registrant; individual registrant can choose to not disclose the Whois information. Private and sensitive information will not be disclosed when this option has been selected. Companies/organization registrant by default must disclose all the whois information.
  • For details information, please refer to http://www.telnic.org/
  • In order for a .tel domain name to take effect, domain registrant required to setting up the .tel domain name as soon as possible after successfully of the registration as registry will perform checking on the domain name.
  • Domain registrant required to login into https://telhosting.manage.name with Telhosting User Login and fill up at least one contact information so that the domain can resolve according to Registry's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP); http://static.telnic.org/downloads/AUP.pdf
  • The Telhosting User Login will be sent to the domain registrant so that they can setting up and manage the domain name.
  • For more information about setting up .tel name, please refer to http://www.telnic.org/downloads/telguide.pdf