Q: I have sent in my account application. How long will it take before my account is activated?

A: We will process the application and it will be activated within 24 hours upon receiving payment.


Q: How do I renew my domain and hosting plan?

A: We will issue the invoice automatically for the services and send it to customer or domains 1 month before the expiry date. We will proceed to renew the domain and services once the payment is received. If the payment is failed to receive after the expiry date, the account will be suspended.


Q: What do I need to do to change the Authorized Contact information for my account?

A: If you have the Client Area Login, you may login to: http://billing.hostpro2u.com/clientarea.php


Q: How do I obtain more information / support?

A: You may contact sales at +603-80843135  or email to sales@hostpro2u.com for any sales enquiries.  For support issues, please contact +603-80843135 or email to support@hostpro2u.com